FINITE CONTENT — Napoli Porosa

Branding Opportunities

Local Branding - Global Outreach
            The tournament itself would offer an opportunity to showcase not only the sportswear but enhance and cultivate the brands identity. The strong visual attraction of the tournament venue would offer possibilities to generate high visibility, not only in place but especially as visual content on social networks. 

From Physical To Digital
            The target would be to create a memorable experience  for all the participants and spectators, while leveraging online platforms and foster a digital presence surrounding the event. The tournament itself could be further used for a product launch or to unveil a capsule collection.

Brand Differentiation
            The event engages with the core of football; the game itself. Because even the beautiful game can seem blandly homogenuous to those who see the ever repeating formats. But a game set in an architecural marvel can brake the monotony and shift our gaze anew to see football in a brighter light.